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The Quality Egg of New England, LLC Story

Quality Egg, which began life in 1961 as AJ DeCoster Egg Farms was formed in 1997, with new ownership and continues the sales and marketing of brown and white eggs.

The ownership and staff of Quality Egg strives for "Safe Quality Production" at all times. What this means is that all employees will work safely in the completion of their assigned tasks, and that all eggs will meet the demanding quality standards of the United States Department of Agriculture inspectors at all times -- producing quality AA and A grade eggs in small, medium, large (our most popular size), extra large and jumbo brown and white eggs.

We are the largest producer of eggs in New England and this helps to guarantee freshness at all times. Many of our employees have been here for over 20 years and have seen many changes in methods, quality and production.

We produce over nine thousand cases of eggs for shipment each day to our wholesale and retail stores and vendors. Our production facilities are located on the Plains Road in rural Turner, Maine. Our eggs are produced from salmonella free Leghorn and Brown chickens raised and fed by sister companies here in Turner. All of our birds are housed in USDA compliant barns with automatic feed and water systems to make sure that our birds are well fed and well hydrated to ensure production of high quality and high-grade eggs for the consumer marketplace. All of our production facilities are "in line" type of operations, where the eggs produced overnight are packed and sent to climate-controlled coolers and into trucks on the same day. These eggs are never touched by human hands to assure that proper sanitation is maintained at all times. All of our storage facilities are temperature monitored to maintain temperatures of 42-45 degrees Fahrenheit for proper storage and maintenance of the eggs at the highest quality levels per USDA Standards.